New Recipe!  Baked Cauliflower with Peanut Sauce

New Recipe!  Family Style Chili, Vegan 


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Agave Nectar

Agave Nectar is 100% vegan sweetener.  It is similar to honey.  It is very sweet and has a delicate flavor.  I like to use it in baking and cooking.  My Tea Loaf Quick Bread recipe uses agave nectar.  It is under the "More Recipes" section.


Earth Balance Buttery Spread, Vegan

I grew up using margarine and butter...and now, I can get that same great taste with a 100% vegan product.  They sell this product at Trader Joe's and I have also found it at Walmart.  It comes in sticks or in a round container.  Great stuff!



Bob's Red Mill

Bob's Red Mill, high quality flours.  I like their whole wheat flour, very fresh and moist.  I can buy this at my local grocery store.  There is a large selection of all types of flours and meals on the Bob's Red Mill website. https://www.bobsredmill.com/flours-meals/index3.html

Bragg Liquid Amino Acids

I use this product and I recommend it highly, especially for those of you who want to have lower sodium in your foods and cooking.  It tastes great!  It is a pure plant based food seasoning.


Vegan Matters.org

Similar names, different owners!  Vegan Matters.org, is a well developed website/blog.

They feature a great video of a brood hen tending her soon-to-arrive chicks and some kittens!  Very cute, heartwarming video, challenging ideas about how we all are.

Here's the link:https://veganmatters.org/